That’s just the way I am, momma!

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash As my journey to my beloved England approaches, I began to think. I'm not good at all in these "soppy" goodbyes when I'll be back for Christmas! Everyone around me is apparently thinking that I won't never come back (which would be an interesting idea, wouldn't be?!). But then again, as much… Continue reading That’s just the way I am, momma!


Some things happen in a “right” moment

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash ...And sometimes not. My broken laptop is its proof. Couldn't come in the rightest moment, indeed! It was a regular day - that means that nothing much has happend. Until the evening. I had some time for me finally after the day spent with my friend strolling 'round town and babbling about… Continue reading Some things happen in a “right” moment


Matthias Corvinus’s palace|Visegrád, Hungary|

On the following day our group, including a couple of Hungarian girls went to Visegrád to see the palace of Matthias Corvinus. It was good weather, and a good mood spread amongst us. When we arrived, a beautiful view of a palace (which resembled rather a ruin) has sprawled. The palace of Matthias Corvinus in… Continue reading Matthias Corvinus’s palace|Visegrád, Hungary|


TOP 5 must-have ingredients for a plant-gourmand

Vegan cuisine is abundant mainly in new tastes but in the new ideas as well. Let your imagination run wild! 1) Black Hawaiian salt Source I use it ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE in the moment. To any meal. I used it for example in the recipe for scrambled tofu.  Discover its magic! 2) Nutritional yeasts  Source Again, I… Continue reading TOP 5 must-have ingredients for a plant-gourmand


10 reasons why to practise mindfulness and how to do it

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash Mindfulness. What a beautiful word which you hear so many times these days. In today's computer world, we can't concentrate enough without thinking about e-mails, social networks and who shared what. Deny it. It's entirely true that when you're present in a current moment, everything's now... More beautiful. Like when they discontinue… Continue reading 10 reasons why to practise mindfulness and how to do it


Simple coconut balls |RAW&VEGAN|

Making dainties is simple. It's effortless and what's more - you need only two ingredients! Moreover, they're non-baked. Did I persuade you? Let's get started! Ingredients: Dates (the softest) Grated coconut Everything's possible with raw cooking! We don't need any extra sweeteners because of the date's sticky texture. But if the inside of the dates… Continue reading Simple coconut balls |RAW&VEGAN|