That’s just the way I am, momma!

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash As my journey to my beloved England approaches, I began to think. I'm not good at all in these "soppy" goodbyes when I'll be back for Christmas! Everyone around me is apparently thinking that I won't never come back (which would be an interesting idea, wouldn't be?!). But then again, as much… Continue reading That’s just the way I am, momma!


Some things happen in a “right” moment

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash ...And sometimes not. My broken laptop is its proof. Couldn't come in the rightest moment, indeed! It was a regular day - that means that nothing much has happend. Until the evening. I had some time for me finally after the day spent with my friend strolling 'round town and babbling about… Continue reading Some things happen in a “right” moment


Matthias Corvinus’s palace|Visegrád, Hungary|

On the following day our group, including a couple of Hungarian girls went to Visegrád to see the palace of Matthias Corvinus. It was good weather, and a good mood spread amongst us. When we arrived, a beautiful view of a palace (which resembled rather a ruin) has sprawled. The palace of Matthias Corvinus in… Continue reading Matthias Corvinus’s palace|Visegrád, Hungary|


TOP 5 must-have ingredients for a plant-gourmand

Vegan cuisine is abundant mainly in new tastes but in the new ideas as well. Let your imagination run wild! 1) Black Hawaiian salt Source I use it ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE in the moment. To any meal. I used it for example in the recipe for scrambled tofu.  Discover its magic! 2) Nutritional yeasts  Source Again, I… Continue reading TOP 5 must-have ingredients for a plant-gourmand